Andrea Melinioti is a Certified Nutritionist – Dietitian specializing in weight management for all ages. Andrea is a holder of a BA (Hons) degree in Home Economics – Food Design & Technology, an MSc degree in Public Health and she is currently in the process of earning a second master’s degree in Clinical Dietetics.

Having ‘everything in moderation’ as a motto, her vision is to help people maintain a healthy weight without quitting certain foods or following strict rules to achieve their healthiest body and happiest mind. In addition, Andrea always encourages exercise for enjoyment and not punishment so as to achieve optimal results in mind and body wellness.

Andrea Melinioti owns an office at Health first Clinic under the brand name ‘Just a Habeat’ where apart from the services I provide, she also makes and sells healthy, nutritious, and vegan sweets with no added sugar, made with the most natural ingredients. Andrea also provides to her clients easy and balanced recipes in order to make people’s lives and diet easier and more enjoyable.