Spinal manipulation, bone adjustment and manual therapy is designed to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation and improve healthy nervous system function.

These techniques are used in the treatment of pain relief like back, shoulder, neck, joint, hip, elbow pain as well as headache and migraine.
We specialise in the Holistic Full Body Treatment to help your Body to heal not only for the above-mentioned pains but also for menstrual and digestion disorders, and breathing problems.

Holistic Full Body Adjustment is a method of correcting misalignment, imbalance in your whole system and restoring your health.
During your First session with the Doctor you will receive consultation to understand your needs, your lifestyle and assess your body in order to give you the best treatment. After the consultation you will get Full Body Adjustment not only in the area of the pain but in the whole body to adjust it fully.

Michael Ariansman is a Master of Chiropractic, Highly Experienced Holistic Therapist and Nutritionist so at the end of your session you will also obtain Exercising and Nutrition tips because Holistic Treatment treats the body as a Whole System and finds the root of your issues to heal your Body fully.

The treatment is Pain – free. You will be in the hands of a highly skilled and educated professional with more than 20-years experience in Holistic therapy.