Mastercare – On the market since 1987

The Swedish Back Care System, is used for the prevention and rehabilitation of back, neck, shoulder and knee problems. The system is unique with it’s patented moving backrest and the quality and safety concept.

The only scientifically tested and approved self-tractions table in the market. Cannot be compared to “similar products” as they do not have our unique features.

The Company

Mastercare AB is one of the world’s leading companies in the speciality of traction tables, designed for professional use and self-treatment.

With over 30 years of experience, working with the Mastercare® Back-A-Traction® in co-operation with medical professionals, we have built a reputation of outstanding treatment results, product performance and breakthroughs in the field of occupational health care, clinical use and self-treatment in the home.

The Mastercare® product, with its unique safety concept, is the most scientifically approved and professionally backed up inversion traction system on the market.

Health First Clinic is the official distributor of Mastercare in Cyprus.